CS9110 ‘Windsor’ AVC / MPEG2 Encoder

The CS9110 ‘Windsor’ AVC encoder is a compact, yet feature rich encoder which supports up to HDp30 and is suitable for applications that need a very area efficient implementation. It can also be configured to support MPEG2.

Windsor encoder product brief pdf



  • H.264/AVC, CBP, MP with CABAC support, up to level 3.2, max bit-rate 8Mbps
  • MPEG-2, MP/ML, MP/HL, max bit-rate 16Mbps
  • MPEG-4 Part 2, SP including short header mode supporting, max bit-rate 12Mbps
  • H.263, with programmable extended motion vector range and custom picture size support, max bit-rate 12Mbps
  • Maximal encoding resolution 1280×1080 for any supported format
  • Maximal encoding throughput rate 720×480 @ 75fps for any supported format
  • Lower resolutions with higher frame rates may also be supported, where the relevant standard permits
  • Performance achieveable if sufficient memory bandwidth is available and the target clock rate of 250MHz was achieved in silicon
  • Programmable Motion Estimation search range up to +/- 80 pixels horizontally, +/- 64 pixels vertically, with programmable 1, ½ or ¼ pixel precision
  • CQ, CBR and VBR encoding modes
  • Progressive, interlaced and PAFF encoding support
  • Integrated downscaling function to support 1920×1080 input source video
  • Integrated content analysis function for scene change detection and adaptive quantization
  • Encoded data in elementary stream or frame based entropy coded payload, controlled by FW
  • All input images for encoding shall be in semi-planar format with 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 sampled chrominance or in YUY2 4:2:2 mode.
  • Compatible with any host CPU, typically ARM926, MIPS4K