The CS8000 ‘Malone’ family of video decoders has been proven in volume production in a number of formats. The design process followed in creating these cores has resulted in solutions that are minimum size and minimum power consumption. In addition, the rigorous verification process undertaken ensures high quality, reliable solutions for our customers.

CS8110   Video decoder – AVC/H.264…..more info

CS8120   Video decoder – HEVC/H.265 4Kp60…..more info

CS8130   Video decoder – HEVC/H.265 4Kp60, AVC/H.264…..more info

CS8131   Video decoder – VP9, HEVC/H.265 4Kp60, AVC/H.264…..more info

CS8140   Video decoder – 12 formats up to HEVC/H.265 4Kp60…..more info

CS8141   Video decoder – enhanced version of CS8140 including VP9 support…..more info

CS8142   Video decoder – enhanced version of CS8141 including AV1 support (under development)…..more info

CS8150   Video decoder – HEVC/H.265 4Kp120…..more info

CS8160   Video decoder – HEVC/H.265 8Kp60…..more info